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Speech-language therapy is the treatment for most kids with speech and/or language disorders. For preschool aged children, speech therapy centered around play is popular. This type therapy uses structured play to help children achieve long term goals. At Communication Dynamics, therapy is child centered and family friendly.  Speech should be FUN!!

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Address your child’s speech problems with pediatric speech therapy

The power of speech has always been our best asset. In children, speech can often be a source of delight or vexation. However, when a child shows signs of problems with speech, parents come to us at Communication Dynamics, worried and scared for their kids.

If you’ve been told by your child’s teacher or have noticed certain irregularities with their speech, don’t dismiss those thoughts as paranoia. Get your child evaluated by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at Communication Dynamics.

What is Pediatric Speech Therapy?

According to their findings, the pathologists would recommend any or all of the following remediation solutions.

  • Articulation: The SLP would often engage your child in an environment where they are comfortable and a through a series of games and conversations, carefully enunciate sound and syllables. They ensure that your child is fully engaged in play and responsive before addressing any difficult sounds. In some cases, the SLP would physically illustrate how to pronounce certain syllables.


  • Language Intervention: It is vital to expose your child to language as much as you can. The SLP would interact with the child, speaking with them, reading to them, playing with them. They would involve games and picture books to promote language development. The goal is to ensure the child hears words and sounds clearly and eventually learns to repeat them.
  • Oral-Motor or Feeding and Swallowing Therapy: The SLP would also introduce certain exercises to promote the development of language. They usually implement things like facial massages, some lips and jaw and tongue exercises. The intention is to strengthen the muscles in the child’s mouth and make them aware of the movement. SLP also encourage the children to explore the texture, temperature and feel of food in their mouth.


Techniques and activities like the above promote an overall language development.

Why Us

We at Communication Dynamics believe that every child deserves the best of care and concern. Our trained and Georgia licensed Speech Language Pathologists are some of the brightest minds in the industry. It is our dedication to the children and their well-being above all else that makes our efforts successful.

No child is beyond help or hope. Our SLPs don’t dismiss any child as a lost cause or give up when the progress researches a plateau. We offer a comprehensive assessment, individual attention, summer camps, Spanish translations, small group language programs and much more.

Catching speech problems early is the key to recovery so don’t hesitate to seek a professional opinion when in doubt. We would be happy to assist you with that. You can reach Communication Dynamics at 478-746-1037 or via this contact us form.




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